Black Pearl

Reiki In Oakville is now offering Black Pearl Technique Treatments

Black Pearl is a gentle method of neuro-vascular recalibration. This hands-on body modality makes use of massage-like techniques focusing on specific meridian energy points. It promotes blood flow and releases negative energy.

It helps the body mind and spirit enter a calm, peaceful balanced state creating a space for healing to begin.

What to expect during your Black Pearl Session:

You lay fully clothed on a massage table. The session consists of hands-on massage-like techniques bringing attention to specific meridian energy points. This encourages healing, harmony and a peaceful balance to all aspects of your body and mind.

The technique has 31 positions done in a specific order. It includes light massage-like movements, body rocking and light massage on the body.

At the end of your session you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, balanced, connected and peaceful.

Black Pearl Treatment Benefits:

This unique technique reboots your system, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The gentle body rocking taps into a natural rhythm the fetus experienced inside the Mother’s womb. This rhythm stays with us and is an easy way to reset the nervous system, calm the body and shift emotional patterns.

A gentle method to release stress, trauma and emotional blocks that inhibit you from living your life to its potential.

During a session, a deep state of relaxation is achieved by the techniques influence on a group of neurons called the amygdala.

The treatment is so called because when the amygdala is in perfect alignment it is said to look like a black pearl.


An adult session lasts 90 minutes and 45 minutes for children.

The effects of the treatment last for about two weeks. While Reiki can be received more frequently, the Black Pearl works on a deeper level and your body will need more time to process the treatment.

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